More SSF details and mock schedule

The SCRIMMAGE and SKILL FEST is designed to be fun, low cost, and enriching for all U9 and U10 players, boys and girls.

Fall schedule:
BOYS event: August 24, Frederick, Md.
Girls event: August 25, Frederick, Md.
Boys and Girls event, November 2, Fredericksburg, Va.

Each SSF is a single day event lasting about 5-6 hours for each player/team.

  • Each CCL club can send up to 2 teams in each age group and gender. Any CCL club can participate in this event.
  • All games are 7 aside (6 + GK) and last 30 minutes (no half-time).
  • Coaches will guide and ‘oversee’ all scrimmages. We will not use referees. It is technically a training session.
  • A typical schedule for a team looks like this:
    • 8:30 – 9:00  Scrimmage 1
      9:05 – 9:35  Scrimmage 2
      10:00 – 10:30 Skill Competition in Juggling (Top finisher in age group receives a prize)
      10:30 – 11:00  Skill Competition in Dribbling (Top Finisher in age group receives prize)
      Lunch break
      1:00 – 1:30  Scrimmage 3
      1:35 - 2:05  Scrimmage 4
  • See you at the 2013 Scrimmage and Skill Fest!